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Title: Minden News #45: 51st Wins the Napoleonic Artillery League
Post by: Omer Haybo on November 15, 2020, 07:50:23 pm


Issue #45: "Boom Boom! 51st Wins the Napoleonic Artillery League"


Our cannoneers have won the first edition of the Napoleonic Artillery League by defeating the KRA in the finals. The tournament format was double elimination, which means we faced the KRA several times throughout the tournament. We lost the first match of the final series 3-4, which kept the KRA in contention. However, our artillery company struck back with a 4-2 win in the second leg.

The two points difference in the last match should not mislead you, as the final round was a nail biting clutch cannon fight, where the leader of Artillery Company, Fortune, took centre stage and led the team to the title. Kudos to the deadly duo Fortune and VectorScope, accompanied by Average, and the new additions vesryn along with the more experienced Maverick and Maximo 420.

Any regular and above can join the best artillery company of Holdfast, but you should be aware that the evaluations are anything but easy. Check out the #artillery-applications channel in Discord for more information.

The complete brackets for the 1st Napoleonic Artillery League can be found here (https://challonge.com/tr/uoje2bro).

New Application System

The first version of the new Discord-based application system to join the 51st is now live. Applicants only have to react to an emoji in the #join-us channel in our Discord server (https://join.51stregiment.com) and follow the steps provided by the new 51st bot. After that our new members will be informed about how to join TeamSpeak and how to change their name in-game, along with the other steps they need to complete. It has become much easier to apply to join the 51st Regiment. Recruiting has never been as smooth! Just hop on to the public servers whenever you can and start recruiting.

51st Runner-Up in the Unrestricted 4 vs 4

Our best melee team, Heroes of Minden, reached the finals of the XMG Unrestricted 4 vs 4 tournament, but unfortunately lost against the QRR's A-team. Our roster consisted of Jamster, James_Stukov, Doge, and Copperfield. The Antiperspirants was the second most successful team of 51st, but got eliminated by the Russian team Epta in the quarter finals. Our other teams, Permission to Stick and the Bayonet Brigade, were eliminated in the group stage. All members are encouraged to participate in such tournaments to level their game up and get experience in the stressful situations. You can always be the last man to fight in an all-charge situation during line battles.

Cavalry-less 51st Wins Two Cavalry Events

The 51st Regiment of Foot does not have a cavalry company (yet?). But this did not stop our members from participating in two cavalry events and even winning them! Kudos to the cavalry enthusiasts of our regiment who won two events in one month. Do the Artillery and Grenadier companies have a new challenger?

The 1st Western Army Cavalry Tournament Junior League was swept by the 51st B-Team, with four wins. Kudos to the winners of the tournament, Tinez, RickDickBang, MacMillian, CableFre, and Dengland. However, this was not the only win by our cavalry enthusiasts.

The Holdfast Minigames and Tournaments Discord hosted a 1 vs 1 Cavalry Melee Tournament on November 13. Numerous 51st enlisted joined the tournament. George had to defeat 51st and non-51st opponents alike, all the way until the final (including RickDickBang and Bester Kai) until facing MacTíre in the semifinal. MacTíre went onto the win the event after he defeated George in the semis and klondyke in the final. Kudos to MacTíre and all of our boys.

The cavalry company is not a thing (yet?), but it may soon be if we manage to keep our current attendance numbers going. If you guys continue recruiting (more about that later), you may convince our High Command to get a Cavalry Company eventually.

Melee RGL Kicks Off

After the 4 vs 4 tournament, the real climax melee event of the season kicked off, the Regimental Groupfighting League Season 2. Our boys in the Premier League won their first two matches in the group stage. Our melee sweats defeated the 63e with 15-5 and the TRR with a commanding 15-1 win. The pool of our RGL players is ever growing, and we appreciate everyone putting in the time to improve their melee skills.

The last match of the group stage will determine if we take the group leadership from the KRA. In the other group, the 3. Dywizja and QRR duly won their first matches. The brackets of the climactic RGL can be found here:  (https://challonge.com/tr/6eym6vsr).

Our roster is a mixture of the veteran melee sweats, young chads and the best melee players from other companies (in alphabetic order): Acez, AlphaVortex, Average, CableFre, Copperfield, dengland777, dk.fr1908, Doge, Firefork, Fortune, HubblyBubbly, James_Stukov, Jamster, Mark, Omega, Perkele, Quint the madman, RickDickBang, Steiner, Tachang, and Unc0nn3ct3d.
If you want to join the ranks of our RGL line-up, try to improve your individual and group fighting skills. Spend time in the melee servers and join the spontaneous group fighting training sessions after the events beyond attending only the scheduled events.

Art Commission In Talks with an Artist

We have held a fundraiser for a Napoleonic era-style painting reflecting the heroism of the 51st. We have now found a suitable artist, Gabriel Tan, who has also done concept art work for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. He will start work on creating a wonderful piece of art, which is expected to be finished between two and six weeks. Further details can be found in the #art-discussion channel on Discord. You can see some of the artist's work here (https://www.artstation.com/gabrieltan).

Hubbly the Recruiter!

Corporal HubblyBubbly was the Recruiter of the Month in November once again. Chubbly has reached the two hundred recruits mark, which means that he has recruited over 15% of the enlisted members of our regiment. Before we completed this edition of the Minden News, Hubbly even reached 204 recruits. For this, HubblyBubbly has been awarded the newly conceived Distinguished Service Medal, Third Class.

An honorable mention goes to Quint the madman, who has recruited ten members.

Just to give you a bit of history, the top 5 all-time recruiters of the regiment are as follows:

1. HubblyBubbly: 204
2. FeldMarschall: 102
3. Omer Haybo: 60
4. VectorScope: 57
5. Tachang: 36

Do you want to have a cavalry company? Do you want to join Light Company but you can’t since the applications are closed? Do you want to play more linebattles? Recruiting is how we can achieve these things, and it’s easier than ever with the new system. Any help recruiting is much appreciated!

That concludes the November 2020 edition of the Minden News. Don't forget to "Remember Minden"!

Current Schedule:
Monday — Naval Battle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Tuesday — Siege — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Wednesday — Training — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Wednesday — Public Linebattle — 21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EDT
Thursday — Linebattle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Friday — Game Night — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Friday — Artillery Event — 21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EDT
Friday — North American Linebattle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EDT
Saturday — Light Training — 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM EDT
Saturday — Linebattle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Saturday — Melee Training — 21:30 CET / 3:30 PM EDT
Saturday — North American Linebattle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EDT
Sunday — Bootcamp & Linebattle — 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM EDT

Big thanks to our Patreon patrons (https://www.patreon.com/51stregiment)!
Platinum: Hunter
Gold: HubblyBubbly, MacTíre
Silver: dk.fr1908, Jamster, Psycho_NL, Shady, Tachang
Bronze: Doc_Prophet, Fortune, omerhaybo, Ross Poldark, Sparky, Stalker, VanderAllen
Lead: brianxball, M4rt3rnus, MarkvA, OriginalHobo, Perkele, Seamus O’Toole, Steiner, VectorScope, vesryn

Title: Re: Minden News #45: 51st Wins the Napoleonic Artillery League
Post by: VectorScope on November 15, 2020, 08:57:56 pm
Oh my! A new Minden news fresh out of the oven!
Title: Re: Minden News #45: 51st Wins the Napoleonic Artillery League
Post by: Mark on November 15, 2020, 09:00:36 pm
Winning tournaments like it's nothing. Good stuff lads!
Title: Re: Minden News #45: 51st Wins the Napoleonic Artillery League
Post by: FireFork on November 15, 2020, 09:03:40 pm
It's always a good edition of Minden News when it's full to the brim of our exploits in the wide world of holdfast!

It's even better when my name is included  8)
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