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May 26, 2021, 10:01:59 pm by Mark
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Hello visitor!

As you may have noticed, we no longer actively use our website and forums. News posts, regimental information, discussions, and everything else is now posted on our Discord instead.

The website will remain online both for archival reasons, as well as for internal administrative purposes such as attendance tracking and member information.

Click here to join our Discord.
Omer Haybo
May 26, 2021, 09:58:21 pm by Omer Haybo
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The 51st Edition of the Minden News has a full agenda with a naval victory, lots of changes in our melee organization and new grenadier uniforms!

51st | HMS Alpha Chub Won 2-gun Naval Tournament

The 51st | HMS Alpha Chub won the 2-gun Naval Tournament, after defeating “X | Team 1” in after a solid 3-1 victory. The crew featured of several naval specialists of the 51st, who are used to important roles in Monday Naval events. They showed their prowess in this competitive tournament. The “Chub Crew” consisted of:

Lt. Fortune, Sgt. HubblyBubbly, Sgt. Hunter, Gren. Gimli, and LCpl. William

We spoke with Fortune, who kindly gave explained us the story: “Not all the teams took it as seriously as we did, but if we're playing a tournament then we will play to win”.

The officer who loves the naval events also praised the hosting regiments, 1stWA and 23rd. But more on how the team was formed:

“It happened by circumstance during a Monday Naval event when we were gifted a 2-gun, named the HMS Chub, by our own gracious admins. It was just three of us that boarded that ship.” These three topped the scoreboard that day, so it was clear from the first day that it was not only a Chub but an Alpha Chub. Fortune was playful with words as always: And perhaps now that we've finished the tournament... perhaps even an Apex Chub?”

The group stage results: https://challonge.com/2gunners/groups

Elimination stage results: https://challonge.com/2gunners_final

The finals were also streamed: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1013438412

As is known, the 51st hosts the Monday Naval Event and we always prevail. It was a nice showing by our naval specialists.

Perkele and Copperfield Victorious in 51st First Ever 2v2 Internal

The first ever 51st Internal 2v2 Melee Tournament was won by the “:copper:” team consisting of Gren. Copperfield and Kgm. Perkele, beating the “Ronaldo Best” with Gren. Gimli and Gren. Tryminator in the finals with 10-2 on May 8. This was not unexpected after seeing the lineups. The 3rd place was won by "DkRickDickBangu", consisting of LCpl. dk.fr1908 and Gren. RickDickBang after a great 3rd place match, which they won 7-6 against the Auld Alliance of Fus. Colibri and Fus. Shmadie. The Fusilier Council finally achieved something. The biggest surprise of the tournament was the Auld Alliance. Twelve teams participated total and the whole tournament can be checked out from the following link: https://challonge.com/tr/2v2ElectricBooglaoo/groups

Perkele Awarded Cross of Valor, Second Class

On May 8th, 2021, Kgm. Perkele, one of the best melee fighters in our regiment, was awarded the Cross of Valor, Second Class for slaying no less than twelve enemies, most of them during the melee charge. He was one of the last two men standing at the end of the bloody bayonet fight and managed to defeat a formidable opponent who had inflicted a lot of casualties. The 51st emerged victorious that round thanks to Perkele.

New 1v1 Melee Training System Introduced

We are ready to help those who want to improve in melee. If you want to get better at melee, first check in the #training-roles channel and sign up for the melee learner role. If you are already experienced and want to train new players, you can apply to become a melee trainer instead, after which you will go through a short evaluation.

Learners can ask for one of the trainers to give them a 1vs1 session. Regardless of if you have just joined our regiment or are already sweating in melee but aspiring to improve, you are welcome to apply. Upon the completion of the training you can become “Melee Certified”. This is a new system devised to improve the overall melee level of our regiment.

The melee trainers are evaluated based on how they explain the melee system in Holdfast. There are already six melee trainers, some of them among the best fighters in the regiment: Fus. Turtles, LCpl. Acez, Gren. Omega, LCpl. Quint The Madman, Gren. Tryminator and Cpl. Omer Haybo.

Just schedule your session and start improving in melee! Kudos to the creators of this system, Turtles and Tryminator.

Melee Tier Chart

In order to give further impetus to our melee player pool and encourage new players to join the pool, the regiment has established a melee tier chart. You can know learn how good you are compared to the best players of the regiment and the entire Holdfast community. The tier list is mainly based on group fights and linebattle all charges, but also takes into account other personal melee achievements. And it has already been updated once.   

There is no surprise at the top of the tier list with Gren. Copperfield, LCpl. James_Stukov and LCpl. Acez up there. But note there are new and rising players such as Fus. Colibri, Fus. Shmadie and Gren. Sir Monty.

New Grenadier Uniforms
The 51st Regiment has been historically successful in melee and we’re now going through renewal of the melee pool. Sergeant VectorScope who designed our line infantry, guard, flag bearer and officer uniforms added grenadier uniforms to the 51st wardrobe.

The design has some interesting details. The uniform is dirty because there is lots of sweating (check the arm pits) and blood of the enemies (check the trousers) symbolizing many great fights our melee sweats have prevailed for the glory of the 51st. You will spot the Minden Rose on the top left pocket of the grenadiers. Last but not least, you will notice the metal cup under their backpacks. They will need to hydrate after so much sweating.

51stB Team Kicked Off With a Win

The 51st founded a B Melee Team in order to give more experience to aspiring players who want to become competitive and trying to make it the 51st regimental groupfighting “A” team. They are not excluded from the A team but they have to prove themselves in oftentimes easier groupfights. If you want to excel in groupfighting and want to improve in melee, be a part of the 51st melee pool. The B team is captained Turtles and Tryminator. You can just DM them to get considered and maybe included. There are also very experienced group fighters including Cpt. Mark, SgtMaj. Unc0nn3ct3d and Sgt. HubblyBubbly.

They already started interregimental groupfights and won a crushing victory against the 77th with 15-4. The head of the Grenadier Company Jamster was impressed and said “It was a great performance for a team playing together for the first time.” The next opponent was TRR faced on May 22 and the 51st won the match 15-4.

51st A Team Victorious Against the KRA

Our ace melee sweats did their part in the days of melee organization and emerged victoriously against the KRA 15-9. The team consisted of a mixture of senior melee sweats including LCpl.James Stukov, LCpl.Acez, Lt. Jamster along with newer members Fus.Turtles, Gren.Gimli and Gren.Tryminator with rising melee chads Fus.Colibri and Fus.Shmadie. Congratulations to all of them.

MarineLePen, the Emerging Top Recruiter

One of the hardest but vital and rewarding things one can do for the regiment is recruiting on public server while trying for challenges. Recruiting keeps the clan alive. Check how to do it on the #recruitment-guide channel on Discord.

Having said that Rgl. MarineLepen has recruited 50 members during his short tenure in the 51st. He is already the 5th top recruiter in the regiment. Sgt. HubblyBubbly is the top recruiter of the regiment with 265 recruits. Another member worth mentioning is Fus. Colibri who has recruited 26 recruits. Thanks and kudos to them and the other recruiters of the regiment.

We have also added a public play role on Discord so that you can tag other members to play on public server and maybe recruit even more!

For new members, you can always hop on to TeamSpeak to play different games other than Holdfast outside the events, mingling with the community.

A minor bit of sad news is that Saturday Lights Event will no longer be in the schedule due to the cancellation of the event by the hosting regiments admin. We would like to thank 3.Dywizja and 8.BDE for hosting it and having us.

The 51st edition of the Minden News was a stacked one with lots of new things happening. Remember Minden!

Current Schedule:
Monday - Naval Battle - 20:00 CEST / 2:00 PM EDT
Tuesday - Siege - 20:00 CEST / 2:00 PM EDT
Wednesday - Linebattle - 20:00 CEST / 2:00 PM EDT
Thursday - Training - 20:00 CEST / 2:00 PM EDT
Friday - Game Night - 20:00 CEST / 2:00 PM EDT
Friday - Artillery Event - 21:00 CEST / 3:00 PM EDT
Friday - NA Linebattle - 02:00 CEST / 8:00 PM EDT
Saturday - Melee Training - 20:00 CEST / 2:00 PM EDT
Saturday - Linebattle - 21:00 CEST / 3:00 PM EDT
Saturday - NA Linebattle - 02:00 CEST / 8:00 PM EDT
Sunday - Bootcamp & Linebattle - 19:00 CEST / 1:00 PM EDT

Big thanks to our Patreon patrons!

Hero of Minden: Epic_GlowzZ, Jon, vesryn
Platinium: FaolanMorden
Gold: DijonWolfie, MacTire
Silver: dk.fr1908, Dankypants, YouKla
Bronze: Bester_Kai, Doc_Prophet, Fortune, Sparky, Stalker, Pyke
Lead: brianxball, DavidOz99, M4rt3rnus, Mark, MinstrelDuck, OriginalHobo, Perkele, Ryofar, Shady, Steiner

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