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News / Re: Minden News #48: Linebattles and Tournaments!
« on: February 18, 2021, 11:19:57 am »
Oh, a line battle after training.
Thanks for the February edition, Hobo.

News / Re: Minden News #47: A Napoleonic Wallpaper For You In 2021
« on: January 16, 2021, 07:19:30 pm »
Portion of it available on Discord.

News / Re: Minden News #47: A Napoleonic Wallpaper For You In 2021
« on: January 16, 2021, 05:39:26 pm »
Thanks to the supreme editors adding me as a strong recruiter, I would not put myself for recruitment.

Hats of the Hubbly and a former legend FeldMarschall in that regard.

News / Minden News #47: A Napoleonic Wallpaper For You In 2021
« on: January 16, 2021, 03:21:05 pm »

Issue #47: "A Napoleonic Wallpaper For You In 2021"

Napoleonic Era Artwork Ready!

The 51st Regiment of Foot commissioned a Napoleonic era digital painting from artist Gabriel Tan. The artwork was crowdfunded entirely by 51st members, both through individual contributions and our Patreon. We think the result is absolutely fantastic, which depicts a valiant 51st line led by an officer volleying the French. Thank you to all contributors and our Patrons. The artwork will be used by the regiment for different purposes, such as the background and header of the website, Discord invites, and other promotional material. You can contact Captain Mark on Discord to receive a 4K version of the artwork. Corporal VectorScope, who created our uniforms, will touch up the final version of the artwork which will soon hang on many walls.

Acez Floated Like a Butterfly, Stung Like a Bee

On December 18, our members did not fight in melee arenas or in all-charge during a linebattle. Instead, boxing rings were set up and we all spilled blood and smelled like pigs, during the first Boxing Night of the 51st Regiment of Foot. Lance Corporal Acez emerged as the last man standing in the ring and won the tournament. Glory to our melee sweat, as apparently he does not even need a bayonet to kill enemies!

Up and coming melee player and perhaps future boxing champion Grenadier CableFre finished the tournament in second place. Third place went to the most active member of our regiment, who makes the enlisted steady in the lines with his deep voice and huge experience: Sergeant Major Unc0nn3ct3d.

Hats off to Corporal VectorScope for organizing the event as smoothly as the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship Match.

Lance Corporal Average Earns a Cross of Valor

On Thursday, January 14th, 2021, Lance Corporal Average showed an exceptional performance in the line battle and was awarded a Cross of Valor, Third Class. He defeated five enemy combatants as the last man standing. He faced extremely skilled melee players in a highly tense all charge situation. He managed to maintain his composure and slew four enemies before emerging on top against the final enemy in a nail-biting duel. He was even praised by our commander-in-chief Colonel Stalker during the parade, where he was awarded the Cross of Valor.

Despite being a member of the artillery company, he was also part of the last regimental groupfighting roster. Previous recipients of the Cross of Valor can be found in the #medal-recipients channel on Discord. We offer our congratulations to Average and thank him for his excellent melee performance.

Cavalry Tournament Hosted by 51st is Starting

Our newest company, the cavalry company, has been very active in recent months and has been steadily working on trainings its members and defining its tactics. One of cavalry companies' members, Fusilier MacTire has now organized the 51st Cavalry Tournament. The tournament format will be three-versus-three cavalry battles, using both melee and carbines. It will take place on January 16th and 17th at 17:00 CET/11PM ET.

If you can find two other members just register through the #cavalry-tournament channel on Discord. You can optionally have reserve members. Sixteen teams have registered so far.

NCO Applications Are Open!

Do you want to give back the regiment a bit more? Do you want to have more responsibility in and out of the game, including the possibility of leading our lines in linebattles? Applying for the NCO program is your chance if the answers to the above questions is a resounding "yes".

If you hold at least the rank of Regular and you are interested in becoming an NCO, check the #nco-applications channel on Discord to post your application. If your application gets approved, you will enter the three month trial program. You will learn the in-game and administrative responsibilities of an NCO, you will take commanding lessons from the leaders of the regiment, and you will be expected to show the standards of an exemplary member of the 51st Regiment. Getting into the program is not a guarantee of becoming an NCO! You will be informed whether you are accepted as NCO or not at the end of trial period.

Hurry up though! Applications will close soon.

Recruitment & Welcome!

Thank you to our recruiters for their hard work in bringing new blood to our regiment. You can always do recruitment while playing on public servers. Check out the #recruitment channel in Discord for the recruitment messages. The regiment's top recruiter Corporal HubblyBubbly is reaching new heights. He has recruited 240 members so far. We are incredibly thankful for all he has done. He was recently awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, Third Class for his unmatched recruitment numbers. Lance Corporal Omer Haybo is also going strong, with ninety recruited members.

We'd like to once again welcome our new members. We hope you enjoy your time in the 51st Regiment. Feel free to hop on to TeamSpeak, hang out with us play Holdfast or other games. You can always join and have fun!

Current Schedule:
Monday — Naval Battle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Tuesday — Siege — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Wednesday — Training — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Wednesday(biweekly) — NA Naval Battle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EDT
Thursday — Linebattle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Friday — Game Night — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Friday — Artillery Event — 21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EDT
Friday — NA Linebattle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EDT
Saturday — Melee Training — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Saturday — Linebattle — 21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EDT
Saturday — NA Linebattle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EDT
Sunday — Bootcamp & Linebattle — 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM EDT

Big thanks to our Patreon patrons!
Hero of Minden: Epic_GlowzZ
Gold: Bubble, MacTire, vesryn
Silver: dk.fr1908, Psycho_NL, Tachang
Bronze: Bester_Kai, Doc_Prophet, Fortune, Omer Haybo, Sparky, Stalker
Lead: brianxball, DavidOz99, M4rt3rnus, Mark, MinstrelDuck, OriginalHobo, Perkele, Ryofar, Shady, Steiner

News / Re: Minden News #46: Christmas 2020, Weekend Tournaments and More!
« on: December 21, 2020, 02:28:13 am »
Happy holidays and enjoy your new edition of Minden.

News / Minden News #45: 51st Wins the Napoleonic Artillery League
« on: November 15, 2020, 07:50:23 pm »

Issue #45: "Boom Boom! 51st Wins the Napoleonic Artillery League"

Our cannoneers have won the first edition of the Napoleonic Artillery League by defeating the KRA in the finals. The tournament format was double elimination, which means we faced the KRA several times throughout the tournament. We lost the first match of the final series 3-4, which kept the KRA in contention. However, our artillery company struck back with a 4-2 win in the second leg.

The two points difference in the last match should not mislead you, as the final round was a nail biting clutch cannon fight, where the leader of Artillery Company, Fortune, took centre stage and led the team to the title. Kudos to the deadly duo Fortune and VectorScope, accompanied by Average, and the new additions vesryn along with the more experienced Maverick and Maximo 420.

Any regular and above can join the best artillery company of Holdfast, but you should be aware that the evaluations are anything but easy. Check out the #artillery-applications channel in Discord for more information.

The complete brackets for the 1st Napoleonic Artillery League can be found here.

New Application System

The first version of the new Discord-based application system to join the 51st is now live. Applicants only have to react to an emoji in the #join-us channel in our Discord server (https://join.51stregiment.com) and follow the steps provided by the new 51st bot. After that our new members will be informed about how to join TeamSpeak and how to change their name in-game, along with the other steps they need to complete. It has become much easier to apply to join the 51st Regiment. Recruiting has never been as smooth! Just hop on to the public servers whenever you can and start recruiting.

51st Runner-Up in the Unrestricted 4 vs 4

Our best melee team, Heroes of Minden, reached the finals of the XMG Unrestricted 4 vs 4 tournament, but unfortunately lost against the QRR's A-team. Our roster consisted of Jamster, James_Stukov, Doge, and Copperfield. The Antiperspirants was the second most successful team of 51st, but got eliminated by the Russian team Epta in the quarter finals. Our other teams, Permission to Stick and the Bayonet Brigade, were eliminated in the group stage. All members are encouraged to participate in such tournaments to level their game up and get experience in the stressful situations. You can always be the last man to fight in an all-charge situation during line battles.

Cavalry-less 51st Wins Two Cavalry Events

The 51st Regiment of Foot does not have a cavalry company (yet?). But this did not stop our members from participating in two cavalry events and even winning them! Kudos to the cavalry enthusiasts of our regiment who won two events in one month. Do the Artillery and Grenadier companies have a new challenger?

The 1st Western Army Cavalry Tournament Junior League was swept by the 51st B-Team, with four wins. Kudos to the winners of the tournament, Tinez, RickDickBang, MacMillian, CableFre, and Dengland. However, this was not the only win by our cavalry enthusiasts.

The Holdfast Minigames and Tournaments Discord hosted a 1 vs 1 Cavalry Melee Tournament on November 13. Numerous 51st enlisted joined the tournament. George had to defeat 51st and non-51st opponents alike, all the way until the final (including RickDickBang and Bester Kai) until facing MacTíre in the semifinal. MacTíre went onto the win the event after he defeated George in the semis and klondyke in the final. Kudos to MacTíre and all of our boys.

The cavalry company is not a thing (yet?), but it may soon be if we manage to keep our current attendance numbers going. If you guys continue recruiting (more about that later), you may convince our High Command to get a Cavalry Company eventually.

Melee RGL Kicks Off

After the 4 vs 4 tournament, the real climax melee event of the season kicked off, the Regimental Groupfighting League Season 2. Our boys in the Premier League won their first two matches in the group stage. Our melee sweats defeated the 63e with 15-5 and the TRR with a commanding 15-1 win. The pool of our RGL players is ever growing, and we appreciate everyone putting in the time to improve their melee skills.

The last match of the group stage will determine if we take the group leadership from the KRA. In the other group, the 3. Dywizja and QRR duly won their first matches. The brackets of the climactic RGL can be found here: .

Our roster is a mixture of the veteran melee sweats, young chads and the best melee players from other companies (in alphabetic order): Acez, AlphaVortex, Average, CableFre, Copperfield, dengland777, dk.fr1908, Doge, Firefork, Fortune, HubblyBubbly, James_Stukov, Jamster, Mark, Omega, Perkele, Quint the madman, RickDickBang, Steiner, Tachang, and Unc0nn3ct3d.
If you want to join the ranks of our RGL line-up, try to improve your individual and group fighting skills. Spend time in the melee servers and join the spontaneous group fighting training sessions after the events beyond attending only the scheduled events.

Art Commission In Talks with an Artist

We have held a fundraiser for a Napoleonic era-style painting reflecting the heroism of the 51st. We have now found a suitable artist, Gabriel Tan, who has also done concept art work for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. He will start work on creating a wonderful piece of art, which is expected to be finished between two and six weeks. Further details can be found in the #art-discussion channel on Discord. You can see some of the artist's work here.

Hubbly the Recruiter!

Corporal HubblyBubbly was the Recruiter of the Month in November once again. Chubbly has reached the two hundred recruits mark, which means that he has recruited over 15% of the enlisted members of our regiment. Before we completed this edition of the Minden News, Hubbly even reached 204 recruits. For this, HubblyBubbly has been awarded the newly conceived Distinguished Service Medal, Third Class.

An honorable mention goes to Quint the madman, who has recruited ten members.

Just to give you a bit of history, the top 5 all-time recruiters of the regiment are as follows:

1. HubblyBubbly: 204
2. FeldMarschall: 102
3. Omer Haybo: 60
4. VectorScope: 57
5. Tachang: 36

Do you want to have a cavalry company? Do you want to join Light Company but you can’t since the applications are closed? Do you want to play more linebattles? Recruiting is how we can achieve these things, and it’s easier than ever with the new system. Any help recruiting is much appreciated!

That concludes the November 2020 edition of the Minden News. Don't forget to "Remember Minden"!

Current Schedule:
Monday — Naval Battle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Tuesday — Siege — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Wednesday — Training — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Wednesday — Public Linebattle — 21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EDT
Thursday — Linebattle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Friday — Game Night — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Friday — Artillery Event — 21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EDT
Friday — North American Linebattle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EDT
Saturday — Light Training — 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM EDT
Saturday — Linebattle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EDT
Saturday — Melee Training — 21:30 CET / 3:30 PM EDT
Saturday — North American Linebattle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EDT
Sunday — Bootcamp & Linebattle — 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM EDT

Big thanks to our Patreon patrons!
Platinum: Hunter
Gold: HubblyBubbly, MacTíre
Silver: dk.fr1908, Jamster, Psycho_NL, Shady, Tachang
Bronze: Doc_Prophet, Fortune, omerhaybo, Ross Poldark, Sparky, Stalker, VanderAllen
Lead: brianxball, M4rt3rnus, MarkvA, OriginalHobo, Perkele, Seamus O’Toole, Steiner, VectorScope, vesryn

News / Re: Minden News #44: Aftermath of the Holdfast Boom
« on: October 11, 2020, 06:53:46 pm »
I would like to thank Homicidal Puppy, Mark and Original Hobo for their help and contributions.

News / Minden News #44: Aftermath of the Holdfast Boom
« on: October 11, 2020, 06:17:39 pm »

Issue #44: "Aftermath of the Holdfast Boom"

RESULTS - Two in the Final Four of EU 1v1 Unrestricted Melee Tournament

As many of our readers may know, our top melee players represented us in the XMG Unrestricted EU Melee Tournament. James Stukov, a veteran tournament player and one of the top melee players on Holdfast, made it to the finals but unfortunately lost in a nerve-wracking match against RektInPeace. Partly to blame for this loss is another top melee player of our regiment, Acez, who faced Stukov in an incredibly tense and long match right in the semi-finals. Stukov may have beat him 7-2, but make no mistake, Acez was a tough nut to crack for Stukov. The fact that two of our top melee players made it to the (semi-)finals is another page in the proud history of melee tradition in the 51st Regiment. Apart from James and Acez, kudos to everybody else for participating and representing 51st Regiment in the tournament. As the leader of Grenadier Company Lieutenant Jamster states, “It is always good for you and the regiment to put yourselves in situations where you are under pressure like in tournaments, to improve your melee”.

The final tournament table can be found below:

51st in the Napoleonic Artillery League Finals

On September 28th, our valiant Artillery Company managed to defeat the KRA in a thrilling 4-3 match. With that, we have reached the finals of the 1st Napoleonic Artillery League. 51st will face KRA in the finals, for the third time in the tournament. Impressively, during the entire tournament we only lost a single match. This match, fought against the KRA, resulted in a score of 3-4 due to a nail-biting last round. We toppped the group stage with a 5-1-0 score. Later on our arty bois defeated KRA 4-3. We wish our Artillery Company the best of luck and good cannoneering in the finals.

Upcoming EU Melee 4v4 (Unrestricted) Tournament (XMG)

On Sunday, the 11th of October at 16.00 BST / 11.00 EDT, there will be a 4v4 group EU melee fight tournament. The 51st is participating with four teams. We're not just bringing our "A Team", but also other teams consisting of members who are interested in improving themselves. The Heroes of Minden is considered our “A Team”, featuring our top melee players. The winner of the 2nd 51st Internal 1v1, Sergeant Guardsman Tachang, will unfortunately not be attending. Two of our other teams, called the Young Guard and the Antiperspirants, are both full of Grenadiers and very good melee players. Big kudos to the Bayonet Brigade as well, with relatively newer members of our regiment ready to test themselves in a tournament.

Check out the tournament brackets and the composition of the teams here:

2/2 in Friendly Group Fight Matches

As part of the preparations for the upcoming group fight tournament and future RGL matches, on the 3rd of October at 21:30 CEST we held a friendly group fight against KRA, and won with a score of 15-10. These friendly matches are opportunities for those who want to join the Grenadier Company and cement 51st Regiment’s place in Holdfast history as the best melee regiment.

Our second match against the 63e took place on Saturday, October 10. The 51st won a more one sided match by 15-5 with an "A Team" of melee sweats. These matches serve as another milestone in our preparations for the RGL tournament. Therefore, if you are hoping for a place in the RGL2, join the melee sweats, practice on the public 51st Melee Server, and attend the melee trainings.

High Command Self Promotions

The regiment's High Command met on September 10 after the linebattle and decided on a number of high-level promotions. Our commander-in-chief Stalker got promoted to Colonel, while our second-in-command Homicidal Puppy was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. And finally, Mark was promoted to Gren Captain. We thank Stalker and all the High Command for their leadership and efforts to keep the 51st Regiment functioning as it has been for so many years now.

Big Thanks To Our Generous Donators

Your donations to the 51st Regiment are very much appreciated, as the regiment relies on donations to cover our monthly expenses, and to offer our members quality gaming experience. Therefore, we would like to extend our endless gratitude to our most recent generous donators, Recruit Jack and Private Seamus O’Toole. A huge thank you to all our Patrons. Without you, we wouldn't be around. It’s your donations to the 51st Regiment that keeps the servers in Holdfast, our TeamSpeak, website, and servers for other games we play together keep running. You can choose to donate to the 51st Regiment through Patreon and PayPal. Check out the #patreon channel on Discord for more information.

The Month of Recruiting Frenzy

We’d like to thank everyone spending time on public servers to recruit new members and to level up our regiment in-game. There were many new players who joined the ranks of 51st, and 37 different people got recruits last month. As you are well aware, more recruits means bigger and better events for us. We appreciate all the hard work done by our recruiters each month. HubblyBubbly was the recruiter of the month for September with 48 new recruits! You can start recruiting and bring the regiment fresh blood. You can find out how in the #recruitment on Discord.

For all the new members, welcome to the regiment! Feel free to spend time in TeamSpeak and get to know everyone! We'd also love to have you spend time with us apart from the trainings and events. We play a ton of games, like Elite Dangerous, Among Us, Phasmaphobina, Hell Let Loose, Squad, and many other games!

Newly Promoted NCOs

As the result of the most recent batch of the NCO trial programme, Acez, Average, Ecko, JamesStukov, Lannes and Omer Haybo have been promoted to Lance Corporal. We congratulate and wish them best of luck in their new role in the regiment. The 51st requires our NCOs to be active and dedicated members within our ranks who will put in time and effort for the benefit of the regiment. If you want to take on administrative duties and you want to put in in those extra hours for the benefit of the regiment, becoming an NCO might be for you. In that case, just wait for the next NCO trial programme to apply if you meet the requirements.

Fundraising for Special Project

We are fundraising for a Napoleonic era-style painting depicting the 51st in a heroic fashion. It's an artwork that will be given back to the community, as a thank you for the dedication and support. You can read all about it in the #art-commission channel on Discord.

That concludes the October 2020 edition of the Minden News.
And don't forget to "Remember Minden"!

Current Schedule:
Monday — Naval Battle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EST
Tuesday — Siege — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EST
Wednesday — Training — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EST
Wednesday — Public Linebattle — 21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EST
Thursday — Linebattle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EST
Friday — Game Night — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EST
Friday — Artillery Event — 21:00 CET / 3:00 PM EST
Friday — NA Linebattle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EST
Saturday — Linebattle — 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EST
Saturday — Melee Training — 21:30 CET / 3:30 PM EST
Saturday — NA Linebattle — 02:00 CET / 8:00 PM EST
Sunday — Bootcamp & Linebattle — 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM EST

Big thanks to our Patreon patrons!
Hero of Minden: Jack
Platinum: Hunter, Seamus O'Toole
Gold: HubblyBubbly, Sir HighAlot
Silver: Jamster, Psycho_NL, Seaside, Shady, Tachang
Bronze: Doc_Prophet, Fortune, Omer Haybo, Ross Poldark, Sparky, Stalker, VanderAllen
Lead: MarkvA, M4rt3rnus, OriginalHobo, Perkele, Seamus O’Toole, Steiner, VectorScope, vesryn

News / Re: Minden News #42: BCoF Playtest, Surgeons, Lights & More
« on: August 05, 2020, 09:24:47 pm »
I have a minor suggestion.

 I have been following / spectating the artillery league. Maybe the results of the league (i.e. chalonge link) can be shared. If I can find the link that was privately shared, I will try to edit this message.

Remember Minden!

General Public Discussion / Re: 51st is growing fast
« on: July 17, 2020, 12:02:34 pm »
So this topic may be having a resurge.

Introduce Yourself / A Latent Greetings
« on: June 19, 2020, 08:36:06 am »
Hello everyone,

I'm omerhaybo. Found the game during the lockout.  I mostly work online nowadays. I found out about Prime and Load first, then here. After that the story should be familiar. Pub servers are boring and an actual linebattle would be more enjoyable. Thanks to HubblyBubbly I joined the regiment but did not know what I got myself into. Apparently I joined one of the best regiments if not the best in the game.

I just found out about this topic a few days ago. I'm 36, living in Ankara, Turkey. Not a real gamer but lockdown made me use my ancient Steam account. Glad to be in this challenging but welcoming regiment.


P.S.: Any tournament level chess players around?

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